Monday, June 13, 2016

Mettā In Action

We are a group of people dedicated to helping the poor and needy in Burma
Our activities started in 2007, when the economic situation deteriorated, creating unbearable hardships for many people throughout the country. After Cyclone Nargis swept over the southern part of Burma in May 2008, we stepped up our efforts by providing food, clothing, shelter, and medical care to those in need.
While we are open to offering wherever there is an obvious need, we have a number of projects where we provide ongoing support to many Burmese nuns, monks, and lay people. We are able to extend this much needed support thanks to the generous donations from people all around the world.
To see updates about our activities, please visit our website at:
If you wish to contact us, please use these email addresses: (for English speakers) (for German and English speakers)

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